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CSEA Monroe County Employees Union Stand Firmly Behind Jamie Romeo


October 6, 2020

Rochester – Despite attempts by Legislator Karla Boyce to paint an ugly picture of Monroe

County Department of Motor Vehicle services, nothing she says resembles the truth. All you

have to do is ask the CSEA represented employees who are actually delivering those services.

James D’Amico, CSEA Monroe County Local President says Boyce’s far-fetched talking points released today in a press release is just political theatre.

“The fact of the matter is Jamie Romeo has been an outstanding partner in government since she started her job earlier this year,” said D’Amico. He added, “During troubling times like we are now experiencing, it is critical we keep battle-tested leaders like Jamie in place to provide stable governance of public services. Throughout these past few months, Jamie has listened and understood the needs of the community and our CSEA represented employees who work in our DMV offices. She had provided workers the tools and resources necessary to be successful on the job and at home. That’s why our union endorsed her in the first place.”

D’Amico says Romeo has been following strict protocols issued by the Governor’s Office and

has been extremely proactive when it comes to the health and safety of everyone. D’Amico


• Plexi-glass shields and other barriers were installed at all DMV locations to enhance

public safety.

• DMV branches were pre-emptively closed before the Governor’s executive order in

anticipation of it happening anyway two days later. Workers reported to me the move

was well-received knowing full well the health and safety of the workforce and the

community was a top priority at the time.

• Appointments for DMV services were implemented with feedback from several different

stakeholders. Our members say the procedures have worked well to ensure a controlled

and safe environment for both our customers and workforce.

• Romeo and County Executive Bello have been extremely generous using CARES ACT

funding to provide workers with PPE and extra sanitation efforts to keep the community

and our workers safe during the pandemic.

• To suggest wait times and the value of customer service have diminished under

Romeo’s leadership would be a grotesque exaggeration.

Steve Healy, Western Region President calls Romeo a stellar public official. “Jamie has proven time and time again that she has the intelligence, hard work ethic and the creative know-how to take the Clerk’s Office to new heights—and she has notwithstanding an unprecedented viral pandemic in the meantime. I believe Ms. Boyce is just grabbing at straws.”


About CSEA:

The Civil Service Employees Association (CSEA) is one of the largest and most influential unions in New York and the United States. CSEA represents more than 275,000 members who work for state and local governments, school districts, library systems, childcare, and the private sector. Formed in 1910, CSEA continues to improve the lives of hardworking families by negotiating fair and decent collective bargaining agreements. CSEA is the largest affiliate of our International Union, the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME). For more information, go to

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