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Cardboard vs Metal: Let the Voters Decide

You may not have heard, but right now our Board of Elections is in the midst of an important dispute: cardboard or metal?

Earlier this year, the Republican Board of Elections (BOE) Commissioner and Republican Majority in the Legislature rammed through a spending bill that increased the Board's operating budget by $500,000 to create 6 patronage jobs. Then after hearing resounding disapproval from the community many legislators, including my opponent Karla Boyce, overrode County Executive Bello's veto to keep this new spending.

Now, the same Republican BOE Commissioner does not support investing $150,000 in Federal CARES Act dollars for basic election protections, believing a taped cardboard box is adequate. Both Commissioners must agree in order to move forward, that's where we need your help!

We want to hear from YOU, the voters. Fill out our survey to tell us what YOU think, we will be sharing our results on Monday 10/19!


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