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Absentee Voting

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, voters may fill out an absentee ballot application and check “temporary illness or physical disability” as the reason they are requesting an absentee ballot.













  • October 27: Last day to apply online, by email, fax or to postmark an application or letter of application by mail for an absentee ballot. (Please be warned that despite this deadline, the Post Office has advised they cannot guarantee timely delivery of ballots applied for less than 15 days before an election.)

  • November 2: Last day to apply IN-PERSON for an absentee ballot.

  • November 3: Last day to postmark ballot. Must be received by the local board of elections no later than Nov. 10th. Military Voter Ballots must be received no later than Nov. 16th.

  • November 3: Last day to deliver ballot IN-PERSON to the local board of elections or to any poll site.


Common FAQ:

Q: I received my absentee ballot, when can I mail it back?

A: TODAY! Signed and sealed absentee ballots can be mailed back to the BOE any day before Nov. 3 (the last day to postmark a returned ballot envelope).

Q: Do I need to sign the back of the security envelope I put my absentee ballot in?

A: YES! Unsigned envelopes will not be counted.

On August 20, 2020, Governor Cuomo signed three important pieces of legislation to expand access to absentee, or mail-in, voting for the General Election on November 3. They include:

  • S.8015-D/A.10833 Authorizes Voters to Request an Absentee Ballot Due to Risk of Illness, Including COVID

  • S.8783A/A.10807 Authorizes Voters to Request Absentee Ballots Starting Today (8/20/20)

  • S.8799A/A.10808-A Allows Ballots to Be Postmarked On the Day of the Election, November 3

Monroe County Online Voter App

Check Your Status of Your Absentee Ballot and Voter Status!


You can find out your registration, polling place, and absentee ballot status on the Monroe County NY Voter Application at

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