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AFSCME Council 66 Endorses Jamie Romeo for Monroe County Clerk

May 9, 2020 (Rochester, NY) This week AFSCME Council 66, on behalf of their 8,500 members, endorsed Jamie Romeo for Monroe County Clerk. To receive their endorsement, one must support issues central to our mission: improving the lives of our members and their families and working to foster an environment where the welfare and treatment of workers is prioritized.

"Jamie, you are a proven leader who understands the innerworkings of local government and excels in the navigation of its choppy waters. Monroe County will be fortunate to elect a County Clerk with your breadth of experience," stated Dan DiClemente, President of AFSCME Council 66.

"I am humbled and honored to receive AFSCME's endorsement in this important campaign. The Covid-19 related economic crisis threatens local governments and municipalities their ability to sustain public services. I will continue to fight for additional Federal aid , in order to avoid drastic cuts that will affect our community and jobs. Monroe County works because so many men and women have continued to step up and show up at times of crisis. As government leaders, we must do the same." Monroe County Clerk Jamie Romeo stated.

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