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Don't Let Anyone Speak For You. #VoteEveryRace

When you go to the polls, don't just vote once but vote 12, 13, 14 times!!

From POTUS to Town Justice, your ballot has a dozen or more important races that YOU have a voice in. Often, voters skip local or judicial races. Every spot on the ballot you do not vote in, others will speak for you. Don't let them!

Make a plan. Bring your friends. And #VoteEveryRace

If you haven't checked out all of the local races on your ballot, make sure you visit:

7th Judicial District State Supreme Court(vote for all 4!)

Re-Elect Supreme Court Judge Stephen Lindley

Julie Cianca

Gino Nitti

Bill Gargan


Meredith Vacca for County Court

Judge Chris Ciaccio for Surrogate’s Court

City of Rochester

Re-Elect City Court Judge Teresa Johnson

Town of Brighton

Re-Elect Brighton Town Justice John Falk 

Town of Penfield

Mindy MacLaren for Penfield Town Council

Town of Pittsford

Michael Ansaldi for Pittsford Town Judge

Town of Rush

Charles “Chaz” Rorick for Rush Town Council

Carl Ast for Rush Town Council

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