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Monroe County GOP Must Remove Social Media Attack on Local Workers

October 16, 2020 (Rochester, NY) This week, the Monroe County Republican Party released a false and misleading social media attack on members of Sheet Metal Workers Local 46. In a move right from Donald Trump's online conspiracy theory playbook, local Republicans unabashedly asserted that the proposal regarding secured absentee ballot drop boxes made of aluminum came from corrupt intent.

"Last week, there became a public dispute between our Democratic and Republican Board of Election Commissioners regarding what type of dropbox should be used for the upcoming election. Democratic Commissioner Jackie Ortiz's proposal not only provided the most secure deposit for ballots but would support our local workforce, all without using any County property taxpayer dollars. Rather than assert why the cardboard box Republican Commissioner Lisa Nicoly supported was better, Monroe County GOP has gone out of their way to reaffirm that they will always look to advance their partisan interest than that of our community. Bill Napier and Karla Boyce must both apologize to the members of Sheet Metal Workers Local 46 and take down this false and misleading attack." Democratic candidate for (and current) Monroe County Clerk Jamie Romeo stated.

The Monroe County Republican Party is likely upset because last week, Ms. Romeo's campaign released a survey asking voters to share their opinion on the debate on absentee ballot drop boxes. Of the 567 respondents, 95.2% preferred the secured aluminum box.

Earlier this year, the Republican Board of Elections Commissioner and the Republican Majority in the Legislature rammed through a spending bill that increased the Board's operating budget by $500,000 to create 6 patronage jobs. Then after hearing resounding disapproval from the community many legislators, including the Republican candidate for County Clerk Karla Boyce, overrode County Executive Bello's veto to keep this new spending. However, the same Commissioner did not support investing $150,000 in Federal CARES Act dollars for basic election protections, believing a taped cardboard box was adequate.

"Last week, my opponent decided the right strategy to win this race was to lie about the state of the County Clerk's Office, stating that our offices have been "shuttered" while the essential workers of the Clerk's Office have continued to show up and serve this community through a global pandemic. Now, the leadership of the Monroe County Republican Party feels it is OK to lodge attacks at a local union that wished to bring in local jobs. As your County Clerk, I have and will continue to fight to keep this partisan nonsense out of the County Clerk's Office, and all County Government." Romeo said.


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