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Romeo Responds to Republican Challenger's False Allegations

Below is a statement from Monroe County Clerk Jamie Romeo in response to false allegations made by her Republican challenger Karla Boyce:

"Yesterday, my GOP opponent Karla Boyce lied about the current state of the County Clerk's office. She makes unsubstantiated allegations of unprocessed work and worse, stated that our office 'remains effectively shuttered.'

For a candidate who is seeking to be the County Clerk, to oversee the operations and the 100+ staff of this office, I am appalled. Karla's tone-deaf comments are an affront to every essential worker of the County Clerk's Office who has continued to serve this community diligently throughout the COVID19 pandemic. Quite frankly this is no surprise since County Republicans have failed County workers for decades.

On a somber day when Monroe County mourns the loss of another neighbor to COVID-19, Karla Boyce spoke nothing of workplace protections for our workers or the residents who visit County Clerk offices.

Donald Trump and the GOP may not believe COVID-19 is a real threat - but the 211,000 American families grieving the loss of a loved one and 7.5 million Americans impacted would say otherwise.

As your County Clerk, I have not and will not make decisions that put anyone's health or well-being at unnecessary risk for a headline."

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