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WHAM13: Local DMVs Remain Closed in Phase One; Remote Transactions still Available

Updated: May 16, 2020

REMINDER: There is not any date set for Phase Two reopenings in Monroe County. Per Executive Order by Governor Cuomo, DMVs across the New York State remain closed to in-person transactions until June 7. Monroe County DMVs anticipate June 8 to be our reopen target date.

Irondequoit, N.Y. - Several businesses are getting back into business Friday as part of phase one of the Finger Lakes region’s reopening.

DMV locations in Monroe County, however, remain closed at this time.

That didn’t stop several people from stopping by the Monroe County DMV site in Irondequoit Friday – only to find out the location wasn’t yet open.

Monroe County Clerk Jamie Romeo says there seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding the DMV and phase one reopening. She stresses that DMV locations will not be opening until phase two, which would be in early June at the earliest.

“What you can do is a lot of mail-in transactions,” said Romeo. “You can do vehicle registrations, boat, trailer registrations, plate transfers. You can also come to a surrender, to surrender license plates. All of those remote transactions are still available to you. However, we are not opening the doors to serve in=person transactions until phase two.”

Romeo said, when in doubt, check the Monroe County or state websites.

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